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Who uses remanufactured cartridges?  

Small and large organizations in various industries are saving money by purchasing remanufactured cartridges including; hospitals, government agencies, school systems, and casinos.

Do I need to bring in my empty cartridge?  

No. While Ink and Toner Alternative will offer a discount on products purchased when empty cartridges are brought in to the store, it is not required.

Does ITA use new smartchips on all remanufactured cartridges?  

Yes. New smartchips are installed on every remanufactured cartridge that requires a smartchip.

What is the Fail Rate of Cartridges?  

Over 25 years of manufacturing, and with rigorous testing of returned cartridges, it has been determined that the fail rate is only 2%. Some factors that account for defective cartridges include; new component failure, and new smartchip malfunction.

What happens if a cartridge is defective?  

Contact ITA at (906) 635-5660 to go over the nature of the problem. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced with another cartridge to see if the issue can be isolated to the cartridge. If the problem persists, it is likely not an issue with the cartridge, but with the printer. If the cartridge is defective, ITA will replace it or refund the purchase price.

Which machines can use remanufactured cartridges?  

Currently, compatible cartridges are available for the following brands of laser printers and fax machines.
• Hewlett Packard
• Brother
• Dell
• Lexmark
• Canon
• Sharp
ITA continuously researches and develops new compatibles for these brands as new products are released.

I tried compatibles before and wasn’t happy. Why should I try again? 

In the early years of producing compatible cartridges, some companies found there was a lack of knowledge, and lack of quality of supplies and
replacement parts available, to build quality remanufactured cartridges.

Significant research and development has been utilized to produce a remanufactured cartridge that meets or exceeds OEM standards. Each cartridge has been completely stripped down to its core and rebuilt using only new components. All cartridges then go through a thorough testing process before being boxed for sale, and are guaranteed to rival its name-brand equivalents in quality, performance, and longevity. Quality is no longer a guessing game; It is a serious pursuit.

No matter which machine you own or which cartridge the manufacturer suggests, it is available remanufactured or compatible (or soon will be.)

Does using a compatible cartridge void my warranty? 

Managed Print Solutions can help your company streamline its printing, and reduce costs by turning over the day to day printer upkeep to a company that specializes in printers and printer supplies. For more information on the Managed Print Solutions program through Ink and Toner Alternative, click here.

What is an Off-Lease Printer or MFP?  

An off-lease printer or MFP is a printer that has been returned after a lease. Each printer goes through a complete reconditioning and is tested before being sold. These printers run like new machines, include a warranty, and are sold at a significant cost savings.
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